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8 Ways Digital Marketing Generates B2B Sales

Posted by AJ Agrawal on Jun 22, 2016 10:00:00 AM



Digital marketing is something that brands need to put at the forefront of their marketing efforts in 2016. Society is mobile, and relies on digital content to influence buying decisions. B2B sales can be generated through digital marketing as these advertisements are typically shorter and make a stronger impact. 

Increased digital marketing budgets and visibility on multiple digital channels is a starting place. The steps taken afterwards, including follow-ups, help close the deal.

Society Evolves with Technology

Individual businesses are focusing more on providing marketing campaigns to mobile audiences. Businesses, just like individual consumers, spend more time online than reading documents. Visualizations and infographics do a better job of communicating than black and white statistics. 


Businesses use social channels as much as consumers do. That being said, investing in PPC marketing through entities like LinkedIn and Instagram produce higher conversion rates. By connecting with businesses on these channels, you are marketing to them too. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns also provide helpful data for B2B salespeople to analyze success in conversion through indirect B2B marketing via social media. The types of B2B PPC marketing practices that should be considered include invitations to innovative industry webinars, short video product announcements and short presentations regarding why a product/service is valuable to a business.

Advertisement Retargeting

One thing that many B2B marketers neglect to do is retarget advertisements. You can recycle advertisements and tweak them to make the material appropriate for B2B interactions. In the digital world, making simple changes to text, removing background music or changing statistics takes only a few minutes.

B2B marketers can be proactive right from the start and create multiple versions of a campaign to solely market to specific audiences as well.

Lead Generation Services

Without a good number of leads, your B2B sales numbers may drop. Consider using a lead generation service to boost your potential client pool. You are provided with a list of relevant leads and have the opportunity to convert cold-calls into sales and standing agreements. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is vital for making B2B connections. This is a little tricky in the B2B world. The idea is to connect with industry-related brands and those that assist the parent industry. When two companies work together, in a shared profit situation, it creates the opportunity for more leads from existing relationships. Those leads often convert to sales and referrals. 

Pay for Extra Promotion on Social Media

Social media channels, like Facebook, offer an advertisement boosting option for a small fee. What this does is display a marketing advertisement to a wider variety of users. You can customize the audience to display the content to as well, such as industry-specific or business type.

The small fee increases your audience and increases B2B leads. The digital advertisements should tell businesses exactly why your product or service will enhance their bottom line. 

Impress through Technology

Brands tend to try to keep up with one another on technology. One way to impress cusotmers is to use technology to help show off your product. Forget sending printed packets of material in advance, send a link to an introduction video or short webinar instead. Not only is this more convenient, it is being forward thinking with regard to the future of B2B marketing and sales

Automate Email Marketing Campaigns

Automation is important when you are a B2B marketer or salesperson. A simple email autoreponder indicating receipt of an email along with an ETA for response is better than an announcement on a webpage stating that email responses will be delayed. It is reported that 55-percent of B2B marketers are not using email and marketing automation software.

If 20 email inquiries come in after releasing a digital marketing campaign and absolutely no acknowledgment of reception is sent, it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of buyers. Make optimizing your automation software a priority. 

Closing Thoughts

Invite businesses to inquire with yours through your digital channels. Reach out to businesses within your sector with digital campaigns rather than lengthy written reports. These measures will entice more brands to inquire about your brand’s product or service, leading to more direct B2B sales.

Focus on digital marketing as much as mobile marketing and content marketing. Slacking in one area leaves the door open for other B2B salespeople to barge in and lock down contracts before you can. 

What are your digital marketing strategies for increased B2B sales in 2016? 


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