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5 B2B Podcasts You Should Listen to Regularly

Posted by AJ Agrawal on Nov 9, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Podcasting is a massive hit in the B2B arena. These podcasts give you access to some of the best influencers on B2B activities on the planet. 

And with podcasting growing 23% between 2015 and 2016, this trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Clearly, podcasting is here to stay.

Many of these podcasts are so good they feel as if the producers are speaking directly to you. Whether you want to be inspired or just want advice on B2B branding, you’re sure to find the podcast for you.

But not all podcasts are equal. Some offer better advice than others. The key is finding those podcasts that work for you and your company. Below are five B2B podcasts you should consider listening to regularly

All five of these podcasts provide a unique perspective and valuable advice on B2B marketing and sales—advice you can't get anywhere else.

  • Flip the Switch

This is Uberflip’s podcast. It features the most progressive marketers in the industry. Its goal is to tell you how you can generate great ideas that really capture the B2B industry.

Generating great marketing ideas is more important than you think. As Nickie Bartels mentions, you should, “Reassemble your team every quarter to brainstorm campaigns and generate ideas for specific content.”

Now imagine if you could go back to your sales team and give them the tips and tricks presented by special guests like Mathew Sweezey and Michael Powers. This podcast can completely change how B2B firms attack content marketing.

  • Nobody Likes It Cold

Luke Davies, the host of this podcast, speaks with guests who have already attained huge success in B2B sales. These CMOs and B2B sales masters tell you all about how they made things work out for them.

You’ll find out about their strategies and how they overcame the big obstacles. They offer real world examples of what's working out there. Previous guests have included Mike Derezin of LinkedIn and Jill Rowley, a social selling evangelist.

A key focus of this podcast is emotional selling. This is a big plus point, according to B2B influencer Joe Lazauskas, who says, “Build trust; build relationships. If you take pride in that, the success will follow.”

  • Unpodcast: The Business Podcast for the Fed-Up

Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer started this podcast with the premise that B2B firms were drowning in the amount of information available to them today.

Much of this information is bad. In fact, there’s so much misinformation and poor advice out there, this duo felt they needed to weigh in on things.

Their podcasts are direct. They get right to the heart of the matter and discuss what drives success. You’ll hear advice based on real world examples. With special guests like Ron Tite, of the Tite Group, it's worth listening to this podcast.

  • Start Some Shift

Start Some Shift is a bi-weekly podcast that teaches you about how to build a brand that people will love. This podcast is for you if prospects have ever said you’re too expensive or they don’t understand what you do.

This prodcast features some of the biggest experts in the industry about B2B branding, such as Marie Poulin, of Digital Strategy School, and Paul Lemberg, of Quantum Growth Coaching.

Branding is a 360-degree issue, and this podcast targets every aspect of it, from what to post on social media to market positioning.

  • The Growth Show

The Growth Show comes from the well-known brand Hubspot. The Growth Show does exactly what it says in the name. It will help you to drive growth, generate more ideas, and build a sales team that will carry you into the future.

You’ll get tips directly from the mouths of business leaders who have already practiced what they’ve preached. Plus, you'll  learn how they achieved incredible amounts of growth in record time.

In addition, figures like Matthew Ramirez and Gabriel Weinberg show you how they built their respective companies, WriteLab and DuckDuckGo.

But this B2B podcast goes much further than just providing a few tips. They also explore the technical side of things, such as algorithms and how to analyze potential competitors.

Last Word – How Podcasts Work for You

Everyone learns differently. For some, reading a blog or an eBook on growing your company isn’t going to work for everyone. Podcasts work well for those who learn through listening.

But even if it isn’t your preferred learning style, listening to the podcasts provides a much needed variation to your learning about B2B marketing.

Set aside a few hours a week to listen to your favorite podcasts, like the one's discussed above, and you’ll find that you’re better informed than ever and more prepared to meet the challenges of the B2B industry.

What do you think are the best podcasts to listen to from the world of B2B today?

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